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An integrated circuit is an electronic device that combines circuit elements on semiconductor crystal configured to perform an electronic function. Typically, an integrated circuit comprises of active electronic devices like transistors or diodes or passive electronic devices such as resistors and capacitors. These elements are configured upon a semiconductor crystal such as silicon. Broadly integrated circuits are classified into microprocessors and memories.

A new Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Act was enacted in 2000 but is still awaiting notification of the date of enforcement. It provides for:

  1. Establishment of a Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Registry.
  2. Exclusive right to the registered proprietor to use the layout design and to obtain relief in respect of infringement.
  3. Duration of registration of ten years from the date of filing or from the date of first commercial exploitation whichever is earlier.
  4. Assignment of a registered layout-design with or without the goodwill of the business.
  5. Registration of a person other than the registered proprietor as a registered user.
  6. Creation of Layout-Design Appellate Board to hear and decide appeals from the decision of Registrar.


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