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Trademarks/brands are the words, trade names, logos, packaging, shape of the goods, color combination, trade dress etc. used by a business to display its goods/services. Trademark is an important form of Industrial Property Rights. It plays a key role in a consumer economy. As in the case of other forms of Intellectual Property Rights, trade marks also exhibit the relationships between public and private interests.

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Patents are statutorily designed real life legal instruments aimed at protecting inventions. Inventions, in modern times, are the outcome of well-planned research and development. Patents act as economic incentives to inventors who put in intellectual labor to develop new and useful inventions.

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Designs play a real life role in the modern world. Designs reflect a synchronization of aesthetics and utility. Intrinsically rooted in India’s rich cultural heritage are innumerable forms of traditional designs.

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A Geographical Indication is an indication that is used to identify agricultural, natural or manufactured goods originating from a definite geographical territory having a special quality or reputation or other characteristics. The manufactured goods should be produced or processed or prepared in that territory. Geographical Indications encompasses what is known as Appellation of Origin. An Appellation of Origin is a special kind of Geographical Indication used on products that have a specific quality that is exclusively or essentially due to the geographical environment in which the products are produced.

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An integrated circuit is an electronic device that combines circuit elements on semiconductor crystal configured to perform an electronic function. Typically, an integrated circuit comprises of active electronic devices like transistors or diodes or passive electronic devices such as resistors and capacitors. These elements are configured upon a semiconductor crystal such as silicon. Broadly integrated circuits are classified into microprocessors and memories.

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Plant variety rights are a form of intellectual property protection granted to breeders of new varieties of plants. In a very general sense, a plant variety is a strain of a plant (or, more often, a crop) that is a pure breed. In other words, for a plant variety to be protected, it must produce the same type of plant in every generation, and should be distinct in appearance and distinguishable from others. Plant variety rights include, inter alia, royalty rights over a certain identified time period and restrictions on the propagation and subsequent use of seeds derived from such varieties.

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Copyright, is a bundle of rights, which grants protection to the unique expression of ideas. The domain of copyright extends to original literary (which includes computer programs) dramatic, musical, artistic, cinematographic films and sound recording. Copyright assumes supreme importance for authors, artists, architects, composers, music production companies and producers, film production companies, computer programmers and designers.