Our Services


VINPRO will evaluate a client's IPR needs and file the application and prosecute the matter (Trademark, Patents, Copyrights and Designs etc) before the Intellectual Property Offices in India (IPO). Our office works regularly with clients to obtain domestic and foreign IPR registrations. We are very well experienced at evaluating your IPR and give appropriate advice, which is in the client's interest. We also have wide experience with the various domestic and foreign laws, rules and regulations relating to the maintenance of patents and trademarks.


Enforcement of rights under the IPR laws and Litigation is our one of the core competence. Drafting replies, appeals, petitions, statutory applications and arguing cases before various forums are some of the key activities undertaken by the litigation team. Addressing clients’ concerns and taking them up for favorable consideration is a constant challenge we strive to win.

The firm has a dedicated team of in-house attorneys in order to provide end-to-end litigation solutions. The Litigation team handles cases and matters in all areas of practice including patents, trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs for appeals, oppositions, reviews and infringement proceedings and enforcement activities.


Our consultants and experts will visit and learn about the products and services, identify and review IP that is generated in your business, assess whether IP has been protected and the status of protection, third-party collaborations and IP agreements with third-parties, review existing systems and processes for reporting or protecting IP, and prepare a report of our evaluation as to how intellectual property can be further exploited or protected in your business.


IP Workshops for R&D: Our consultants and experts can conduct in-house seminars and workshops for R&D and Legal Cells to ensure that innovation generated internally is captured and protected adequately. Scientists and engineers will have the opportunity to understand fundamentals of intellectual property, how to identify inventions and report these systematically and the significance of intellectual property.

Management Workshops: Our consultants and experts also conduct seminars and workshops for management members to help manage intellectual property and direct in-house teams to capture, protect, and exploit intellectual property and strategically bypass competition. Workshops for management are given to address the business and strategic impact of intellectual property on sales, how to obtain the right expertise to create true value, manage competition, manage expenditure on intellectual property to enhance returns and prevent strategic and financial losses due to mismanagement of intellectual property.